Carlos García

EDITORIAL 31.07.20
Carlos García


Carlos García, photographer. He born in Alicante although he now lives in Galicia and we are sure that you have seen his photos because he is the photographer for Zara. I met him a long time ago while we were campaigning for designer María Clé Leal in the studio of amazing photographer Javier Vallonrat and since then we have been friends. Currently he works with the best models and has a very clean aesthetic that reveals the personality of the mode without tricks: light, photography and fashion. In love with your work!

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-TEAM: Models, styling and make up & hair  –

Olivia Vinten, Thomasin Waite, Maki Tanaka,  Marta Acevedo Betolaza, Jose Carlos González, Natalia Montero, Ola Rudnicka, Andrea Val,  Jurgen Braun, Sofie Begtrup, Ing Makeup, Chicharu Okunugi, Erika Svedjevik, Manu Kopp, Maggie Maurer, Hannah Wick, Carlota Bao, Cris Guedella, Paula Gorriaran, Briggs Rudder, Bea Sweet, Benedicte Cazau – Beyret, Denis Guia, Pooja Mor, R. Tenboury Ros, Susana Guzmán, Katja Wilhelmus, Celine Bouly, Marina Alejandre, Sara Eirud, Enric Roig, Grace Bol, Adrián Rux, Jorge Belso, Janet Jumbo, Jordan Daniels, Inés Ybarra, Paula Gorriaran, Camilla Bonazza, Jana Julius, Cryil Laine, Adam Garland, Hannah Motler, Karina Krayz, Tricia Field & Jordan Daniels