Flower fight

Article 16.08.20
Silvia Pérez

The vase was broken and flowers sprouted from it.

Se rompió el jarrón y de el brotaron flores.

Podría hablar del Amor ¿Dónde y cuándo empieza? ¿Cómo lo identificas? ¿Qué hacer con él? ¿Y cómo deshacerse de ese sentimiento?

A you to you with the mobile … with a camera would have been practically impossible without a shutter release.

Weird days, too weird days. Could I talk about Love Where and when to start? How do you identify it? What to do with it? And how to get rid of that feeling? It is easier to write for yourself than for others, it is easier to create for yourself than for others, if others already like it, then look at it well. I have a flashback in my mind that comes and goes a lot more than it goes.


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