Il était sauvage

EDITORIAL 30.11.20
Sebastien J. Zanella


Photo by Sebastien Zanella

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Jake Mckeown

Eduardo Mateos

Antoine Elroy Plainfossé

Gabriel Novies

Zé Tepedino


Evan Mock

Olivier Hamelin

William Aliotti

Thanks Casanumar

Some photos Based on the book SOLACE :

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«Who was he to fall in love with the sun?
Misunderstood by men,
He could not hide himself amid their refinements,
Because his lament prowled in the shadows, And, eventually, he vanished.
At the foot of jet-black giants running aground as brine and foam,
Solace let his passion take over.
A romance ignited on ebony sands,
Overcoming his rational mind with every striking wave.
Mollusks, crustaceans, and cetaceans his spectators,
To a devotion so pure that it was shared only with the horizon.
When the sun vanished,
Dusk tore Solace apart,
And the night echoed with his cries.

Who was he to fall in love with the sun?
Misunderstood by the stars,
And because he anguished in the dark, In the wake of his madness,
The fiery caresses of his beloved could not stir him from stillness.»